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Mrs Eliza Bray, whose collection of myths and legends of Tavistock and Dartmoor where a source of inspiration for Christina Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’.

Go Gothic – Tavistock’s Gothic and Steampunk Market in Tavstock’s Butchers’ Hall on Saturday October the 19th, 2019

Booking Form for Authors

Please return this completed form along with a signed copy of the market terms and conditions (see below) to Tavistock Library (Go Gothic Market, F.A.O., M. Cook), The Quay, Plymouth Rd, Tavistock, PL19 8AB or email to aaron.wilkins@librariesunlimited.org.uk and send a copy to myfanwyc@btinternet.com

There will be no charge for your table.  There are only 5 spaces available for fiction writers whose novels contain a Gothic or Steampunk element (adult, young adult and children’s fiction) and 2 tables for non-fiction authors whose works are about myths and legends or the history of Gothic literature. The aim is for the authors to talk about and to sell their novels. On the 19th of October there will also be the opportunity for 2 additional the authors to have space in Tavistock Library to talk about their work and sell their books. The tables will be allocated according to the date the form is returned. Tavistock Library would also be very grateful for a donation of author’s novels to award as prizes in the writing competitions they are organising.

Author booking form

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Thank you for your application. We will acknowledge your booking. You will find the tables allocated to you will have your name on them when you arrive on the 19th of October. Please remember that you must have arrived by 8.30 am at the latest. If you have any questions please email:  aaron.wilkins@librariesunlimited.org.uk and send a copy to myfanwyc@btinternet.com

The Butchers’ Hall RULES & REGULATIONS (TAVISTOCK TOWN COUNCIL, Tavistock Library and The Friends of Tavistock Library)

Event: Go Gothic Market for traders, authors and performers Saturday the 19th of October 2019

The Venue: Tavistock Butchers’ Hall

Address: Tavistock, PL19 0AL (Adjacent to Tavistock Pannier Market)

The following Rules and Regulations govern the operation of the Butchers’ Hall

REGULATIONS  2018 and 2019

  1. All traders (and authors) must occupy their stall/pitch/table by 8.30am. Trading will begin at 9am.
  2. Traders are required to trade with stock in situ until 4.00pm.
  3. Traders are to vacate the Market Hall no later than one hour later than the market closure at 4pm.
  4. No assignment of a stall/pitch/table space/lock-up is allowed between traders.
  5. The organisers will try to ensure that traders have stalls suitable to the items they are selling. The authors attending will have tables that are interspersed between the traders.
  6. All refuse generated by traders from trading operations in the Pannier Market is to be placed by them in bins provided by the Council. All cardboard boxes must be flattened and placed in the cardboard receptacle(s). Cardboard must not be cross contaminated with any other product (paper plastic etc.)
  7. Any trader generating “refuse” that falls outside the Council’s Certificate of Registration under the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989 or any subsequent/revised Act shall be responsible for the prompt removal of such “refuse” at their own expense from the Market and its environs. If in doubt regarding what constitutes acceptable rubbish, advice must be sought from Tavistock Town Council.
  8. No trader (or author) shall keep any live animal, including pets, at their stall/pitch/table unless the animal is a guide dog.
  9. All facilities in the Butchers’ Hall belonging to the Council and provided for the use of the traders shall be used only for the purposes for which they are provided. The cost of repair occasioned by misuse or deliberate damage to the facilities by a trader will be recharged to that trader.
  • Every trader (and author and performers) shall accept full responsibility for and indemnify the Tavistock Town Council, Tavistock Library and the Friends of Tavistock Library against all claims for personal injury, damage to property, nuisance and any other damage or expense by whomsoever the claim is made and from whatever cause arising out of or in connection with the use and occupation of the site allocated to him. Copies of Public Liability Insurance Certificates, must be available for inspection if requested by the representative of Tavistock Town Council and Tavistock Library.
  • Traders conducting from a stall/pitch/table space/lock-up a food business as defined in any current food hygiene regulations Laws and any subsequent legislation shall comply with such legislation. No such trader shall be permitted to be accompanied by a dog or other live animal
  • A deposit of £5 per table is required at the time of booking for all traders. This will be deducted from their table fee. This is a non-refundable deposit. The outstanding balance for table fees are to be paid in cash on 19th of October 2019.
  • No traders’ children under the age of 16 shall be allowed to help or work with the traders or authors.
  • No electrical equipment of any description is to be used in the Market without a PAT Certificate or proof that it is under a year old.
  • There is a no-smoking policy for traders, authors and helpers involved in this event.
  • No naked flame may be used for heating, lighting, cooking or for any other purposes within the Butcher’s Hall.
  1. Any electrical equipment that is used must have been PAT tested.



The signing of these Regulations is in acceptance and agreement of compliance in their entirety:


Signed:                                              Date:






Your privacy is important to Tavistock Library and The Friends of Tavistock Library and any information that you give us is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation.