X marks the spot in America that ends a novel based on Peter Maher’s Irish ancestor Elizabeth Maher (1860-1949)

Local history and community month is drawing to a close, but to end on an encouraging note for all those writers of historical fiction who are thinking of basing their stories and novels around a local historical event or the story of an ancestor Peter Maher has done just that.

Elizabeth Maher

“The VERY simple stone
that marks the resting
place of a poor Irish
girl who became one of
New York’s wealthiest
property owners – before
suffering a tragic fate.” (See the article below from the Irish Mail.)

Irish Mail (2)

Finding Annie: Travels with My Great Aunt - from Tipperary to Trenton N.J. by [Peter Maher]

Peter Maher’s explains that his is a novel based …on the life and times of my grandparents’ generation and uncovers the remarkable life of my great aunt, Annie Elizabeth Maher (1860 – 1949).

It is based on substantial research not least in Ireland, the UK and the USA.
Of course that research can only provide an authentic skeletal structure on which to build but it adds so much to the fictitious story line.  I did set myself the task of challenging any reader to be able to identify where the history ended and the fiction began. If they google much of the factual background they will discover they were real people, real places in real time. (not many of the names have been changed to protect the innocent … ).”
If you would like to find out more Peter Maher may be contacted by email at  <petermaher6547@icloud.com>