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All over the world there are small and unusual museums run by dedicated volunteers that highlight fascinating and often hidden details about history.

Past open day at RAF Harrowbeer, Devon, UK

One local example of an often overlooked site and cafe-style museum in Devon is RAF Harrowbeer, near Plymouth. It was built during the Second World War and is now popular picnic spot.

This airfield was not exactly a pilot’s dream as far as landings and ‘take offs’ were concerned.

As one young Canadian pilot from 193 Squadron describing his first training flight in a Typhoon fighter explained, “We were understandably in awe of the Tiffie’s size and power. We had been warned of the violent effect of torque . . . which caused a swing to the right on takeoff . . On takeoff, I locked my left leg rigidly on the rudder bar . . . I got off safely . . [but] At times I felt as if the machine was flying me! . . . [on landing] To make sure I didn’t stall it, I came in with a little too much speed. The runways at Harrowbeer were not exceptionally long and I could see a pile of bricks at the end coming up fast. Luckily, the brakes held and the machine stopped in time.”

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Museum Facts. Your daily dose of history facts. One fact at a time.

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