Mountain Climbers – Children Getting Active – Exeter Medical student creates an interactive physical fitness and well-being board game

Mountain Climbers is an interactive game for Primary School aged children. The game has been created by an Exeter University Medical student Anna Risbridger as part of her 4th Year Medical Humanities project for the SSU ‘Bridging the Gap – Art, Words and Imagination; the power tools of effective communication with paediatric patients’.

Anna explained that the reason she created this game was because, “Opportunities for kids to exercise have been somewhat limited due to COVID-19 and the  temptation is to spend hours on sat down or screens. Getting active significantly helps with mood, health and well-being. With PE lessons and sports clubs on hold, this game aims to get kids active and enjoying exercise!”

Anna with the help of other students has created this video to demonstrate the exercises that go with the board game:


The objective of this game is to encourage younger children to be more active in a way that is both fun and challenging. The game has particular resonance in these days when opportunities exercising outside is limited.

If you are interested in finding out more about this board game and to provide Anna with constructive suggestions and feedback please email: <>