A few examples of words of praise

from some lovely and very creative people


Making Memoirs Memorable – Friday the 5th of May, Tavistock Library (Tavistock Festival)
  • Feel re-inspired. Thank you so much. It’s been enlightening afternoon – just like old times! Hope to do many more of these afternoons. Viv
  • Very interactive and ‘hands on” on session, investigating the ‘process’ of writing memoirs.
  • Thank you, I’ve learnt a lot about writing my memoir. Many good ideas for publishing works. L.J.
  • Really enjoyable and educational workshop.
  • Great Session. Thank you.
  • Excellent workshop. Slightly surprised as not expecting memoirs – but fun and informative.
  • Really thought-provoking session by Vanni. Wasn’t advertised as a memoir session in the Moorland Times, but really enjoyable. Thank you! S.B.

Evaluations from the February 2022 series of three historical fiction workshops at Tavistock Subscription Library

“Absolutely excellent. Much useful information and background. Very interesting. A lot of fun.” (Mr.M.S.)

“Very interesting stimulating course. Lots of good advice and really inspiring. Would come to another course by Myfanwy (Vanni).” (A.S.)

“Inspiration, methods and the encouragement to write. Most definitely take part in another workshop.” (V.P.L.)

” A fantastic series of workshops. The work on dialogue alone has taught me things that I’ll always remember.” (Mr.D.H.)


“Exellent – more please!” (Agatha Christie Visits Tavistock- Classic Crime fiction Writing, (10/21)  H.H.

“Another great workshop! Fun and inspirational as always.” (Agatha Christie Visits Tavistock- Classic Crime fiction Writing, (10/21)  D.H.

 “Stunning workshop. Thank you! (Gothic Creative Writing Fiction Workshop, Passmore Library, Newton Abbot, 2019)

“Sparked, many, many ideas. A great workshop, thank you.” (Gothic Creative Writing Fiction Workshop, Passmore Library, Newton Abbot, 2019)

“Really interesting and inspiring!” (Gothic Creative Writing Fiction Workshop, Passmore Library, Newton Abbot, 2019)

“I discovered I could ‘write’ + an interest in doing more local research” (A Biographical Historical Fiction Workshop Totnes, Devon – People and Places, Totnes 2019)

“Thank you for being a brilliant provider and making the sessions really engaging.” (2018, 4th Year, University student)

“Great fun, good pace and learning with loads of ideas.” (Creating Fantasy Fiction from Dartmoor Myths and Legends workshop, 2018)

“Stimulating, informative and fun! In other words, typically, Myfanwy!” (Creating Fantasy Fiction from Dartmoor Myths and Legends workshop, 2018)

“A practical and inspiring workshop.” (Creating Fantasy Fiction from Dartmoor Myths and Legends workshop, 2018)

“Myfanwy was as powerful and inspiring workshop leader as ever. The experience was brilliant! “(JD) Writing Rumba, November 2017

“Myfanwy was a stimulating, enthusiastic, challenging and encouraging workshop leader. For me the experience feels like a beginning.” (CT) Writing Rumba, November 2017

“Excellent and encouraging. Great fun and an insight into writing and how books are written Good books!”(KS) Writing Rumba, November 2017

“Excellent and it encouraged me to write pieces that I never would have dreamed I could.” (A.M) Writing Rumba, November 2017

“Excellent! I learnt a lot.” (PS) Writing Rumba, November 2017

“Inspiring and full of great ideas.” (CT) Writing Rumba, November 2017

“10/10 – Absolutely wonderful! So much fun and interesting.” (DP) Writing Rumba, November 2017

“Fabulous! A very enjoyable and informative day.” (TC) Writing Rumba, November 2017

‘Extremely helpful and very interesting. Now inspired to go away and put pen to paper with more confidence! More please!’ (AH) (Cullompton Library https://twitter.com/hayridge?lang=en   Workshops September 2017)

‘Excellent I’ve done lots of these. This is by far the best.’ (AD) (Cullompton Library https://twitter.com/hayridge?lang=en   Workshops September 2017)

“Fabulous, informative, well-structured. Lots of useful tips and ideas.” (T. M-B,Brunswick Wharf Historical Fiction Workshop for http://www.bbcdevon.org 2017)

“Excellent! Really got my ideas flowing.” (F.S. Brunswick Wharf Historical Fiction Workshop for http://www.bbcdevon.org 2017)

“Another excellent session. Well presented and had an amazing variety of activities.” (J.F., Brunswick Wharf Historical Fiction Workshop for http://www.bbcdevon.org 2017)

“An Excellent workshop, full of inspiring ideas. Thanks!” (R.B., A Poetry and Prose Extravaganza, Tavistock Festival, https://www.bedford-hotel.co.uk/tavistock-festival/ 2017)

“This was a very well-structured, action packed course. Good fun and instructive throughout.  The best course of any kind that I’ve ever been a participant in! Thank you.” (L. H., Evaluation of the 12 week Writing for Publication Course, run on behalf of Riverside Creative Projects)

“Time objectives, got me moving – got me realising I can write and I did – and I will – fired me up, energised me and gave me lots of tools to work with.” Writing Rumba  (A. F-W)

“Myfanwy (Vanni) triumphs again! Her new editing workshop is brimful of skills, insights, gems to motivate, creative exercises and tips that will spill over into my professional business writing and personal creative writing .” (J. D.)

“Really enjoyed this! Liked the way it gave structure and practical advice. Learnt a lot.  Really wished we had longer!” (E. S., Just One Kiss – Romantic short fiction workshop,The Watermark Library,  Ivybridge)

“A superb workshop packing lots of information and exercises into a short period. I have learned a huge amount considering the length of the workshop. It was also fun, an important element in any course” (P.W., Blenheim Palace Friends, Workshop, http://www.blenheimpalace.com/)

“Thank you- so inspiring. Covered a lot of ground- with lots and lots to work on” (R.W., Blenheim Palace Friends, Workshop)

“Fanatastic!  V-informative , engrossing and fun.” The John Taylor – Canals, Copper and Historical Fiction Workshop, (L. P. former editor of Artists & Illustrators magazine, The John Taylor – Canals, Copper and Historical Fiction Workshop)

“Brilliant! Excellent content, preparation and delivery. Thoroughly enjoyed it and very useful.” (E.C)The John Taylor – Canals, Copper and Historical Fiction Workshop)

“Informative, inspirational and a solid grounding for a work of creativity.” (C.H.The John Taylor – Canals, Copper and Historical Fiction Workshop)

“Really, so exciting you passed on your passion” (P.A.M., Historical Fiction Writing workshop, Museum of Oxford, http://www.museumofoxford.org.uk)

“Immediately inspiring, encouraging throughout – despite limited time – directions, methods and ideas raised were made perfectly clear -to work on, thank you!” (P.B., Museum of Oxford, http://www.museumofoxford.org.uk

“An inspiring and informative workshop, thanks. Vanni (Myfanwy) is passionate and made the subject accessible and interesting. Glad to have a handout. I am leaving feeling inspired and hopefully energised! “(J.C. Writing for Children Workshop)