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Streets that breathe history – Mary Tod and Paris

Mary Tod’s latest novel Paris In Ruins will be published on March 30th 2021 (Heath Street Publishing). Set in Paris in 1870 Mary explains that her, “latest novel, Paris In Ruins, was sparked by the idea of taking a character from Lies Told In Silence back to a time when she was roughly twenty years… Read more »

What have the 1974 Revolution in Portugal and civil unrest in Zagreb in 1991 got to do with ‘Passion, Tragedy, and Revolution in the Age of Enlightenment’?

    The answer is the author Julieta Almeida Rodrigues and her debut novel Eleonora and Joseph. Her career and life have meant that she has lived, “through unique world events beginning with the ‘hot summer’ that followed the April 25, 1974 revolution in Portugal, when the country seemed ready to become the European Cuba…. Read more »

Dark Nights and Dark Stories leading to Hope and Light

In times of turbulence, change and challenge, the readership of dark and haunting stories with a Gothic edge rises. Times when writers are inspired to write stories to scare and to intensify the claustrophobia of dark winter nights and the thoughts that accompany them. One element of Gothic-style writing is that the author’s characters often… Read more »

An ‘Independent Bookshop’ making history in historic Okehampton (Devon, UK)

Okehampton is a town brimful of historic delights including ‘haunted’ castle ruins, a well-maintained Edwardian shopping arcade.It has now added to its attractions an independent bookshop <>. It is owned and run by Kate McCloskey, whose life-long love of books is informed by a background in academia, advertising and libraries. Perhaps it is less well-known… Read more »

Museum Facts. Your daily dose of history facts. One fact at a time – providing historical novelists with inspiring snippets of hidden history

All over the world there are small and unusual museums run by dedicated volunteers that highlight fascinating and often hidden details about history. One local example of an often overlooked site and cafe-style museum in Devon is RAF Harrowbeer, near Plymouth. It was built during the Second World War and is now popular picnic spot…. Read more »

1945 Berlin – Haydn Corper and ‘The Scent of Lilacs’

“Writing a novel about the unimaginable”  The Scent of Lilacs by Haydn Corper Haydn Corper explains why he wanted to write a novel “about the unimaginable”. “I wrote my novel, The Scent of Lilacs, because it was a story which I felt should be told. I am a history enthusiast and I have always been… Read more »

Battles as settings for historical novels – Georgette Heyer and Terry C. Pierce

What do the historical fiction novels The Infamous Army (1937) by Georgette Heyer  and Without Warning: The Saga of Gettysburg, A Reluctant Union Hero, and the Men He Inspired (2020) by debut novelist Terry Pierce have in common? The novels both have battles and battlefields as their primary settings. Secondly, they have both incorporated meticulous… Read more »

About Myfanwy

Myfanwy is an ‘eclectic’ writer who is fascinated with experimenting with words and their potential enlightening power. She writes short stories, because they are like health food bars. They are small, satisfying and packed with intense power and energy producing ideas. They can also be fitted around the often mentally or physically draining routine of work.

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