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Courtly Quips for historical reenactments and entertainment by Gayla Groom

  Gayla Groom explains that she is, “book editor; here’s my portfolio. I put this new book together by reading through five volumes of collections of “wit” from the 1700s and 1800s, on None of these had ever been digitized, and some of them still used those s’s that look like f’s; the OCR… Read more »

Memoirs of a Harrow Childhood by Judith Davies

  Judith, who lives in Tavistock, Devon  has just published her Memoirs of a Harrow Childhood  she explains that it, “took me on a journey into my past life, growing up in Harrow-on-the-Hill between 1943 and 1961 and my life as a daughter of a housemaster at Harrow  School, a world-renowned boy’s public school founded… Read more »

Public Universal Friend – A debut historical novel by Jax Willoughby

Jax Willoughby, explains that her novel ‘Comfort’s Rebellion’ based on the Public Universal Friend and is available at <>. Jax believes that, “The Friend was America’s first genderfluid preacher, and a regionally known celebrity in New England in the late eighteenth century. I believe nonconforming people have been overlooked throughout history, and would welcome the… Read more »

Charles Dickens dead at his desk by Lyn Squire

Lyn Squire <> is the debut author of Immortalised to Death (Level Best Books, US, 2023). He was  born in Cardiff, South Wales, but is now an American citizen living in Virginia. He explains that, “During a twenty-five-year career as a development specialist at the World Bank in Washington DC, he published over thirty articles… Read more »

Becoming a debut novelist at 82 – Patricia Reis and Sibylline Press

Patricia Reis’ debut historical novel Unsettled will be published later this year. Patricia is 82 years old. She has written a memoir and some nonfiction in the past, but this is her first novel. Unsettled (2) Tip Sheet – Patricia Reis – Unsettled – New (3)   Publishing Brilliant Women 50 and Older

Isle of Lewis, Devon and a love of goats

On a recent workshop ‘Making Memoirs Memorable’ that I led to raise funds for Tavistock library <> Vivienne Bennet joined the group. She had participated in workshops I ran quite sometime ago and it was really brilliant to find out that she had translated her creative dreams into reality.  The Meanderings of a Serial Goat… Read more »

Jonathan Vischer’s debut novel delves into the life of Elizabeth Sawyer, who was hanged for witch craft in 1621

The Wonderful Discovery of Elizabeth Sawyer set in London in the 17th century is Jonathan Vischer’s <> debut novel. He is a PhD graduate, living in Ireland and Jonathan’s novel will be launched on October the 25th at Queen’s University Belfast <>. Jonathan explains that, “The Wonderful Discovery of Elizabeth Sawyer, examines a case of… Read more »

About Myfanwy

Myfanwy is an ‘eclectic’ writer who is fascinated with experimenting with words and their potential enlightening power. She writes short stories, because they are like health food bars. They are small, satisfying and packed with intense power and energy producing ideas. They can also be fitted around the often mentally or physically draining routine of work.

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